Thursday, April 6, 2017

5 Reasons you should leverage EE BigDataNOW™ for your Big Data

Big Data has been swooping the BI and Analytics world for a while now. It’s touted as the better way of Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics (BA) projects. It has removed hardware limitations on storage and data processing. Not to mention, it has broken the barriers of schema and query definitions. All of these advancements have sprung the industry in a forward direction.

Literally, you can dump any data in any format and start building analytics on the records. We mean any data whether it’s a file, table, object, or in any schema into Hadoop.

1. EE BigDataNOW™ will organize your Big Data repositories no matter the source

Ok, so everything is good until you realize all your data is sitting in your Hadoop clusters or Data Lakes with no way out; how are you supposed to understand or access your data? Can you even trust the data that is in there? How can you ensure everyone who needs access has a secure way of retrieving the data? How do you know if the data is easy to explore and understand for the average user?
Most importantly, how do you start exposing your Big Data store with API’s that are easy to use and create? These are some of the questions you are faced with when you want to make sense of you Big Data repositories.

Stone Bond’s EE BigDataNOW™ helps you achieve the “last-mile” of your Big Data journey. It helps you organize your Big Data repositories, whether in a Lake, in the cloud or on-premise, EE helps make sense of all the data for your end users to access. Users will be able to browse the data with ease and expose it through APIs. EE BigDataNOW™ lets you organize the chaos and madness that the data loading individuals uploaded.

2. Everyone is viewing and referencing the same data

For easy access to the data, Stone Bond provides a Data Virtualization Layer for your Big Data repository that organizes the data into logic models and APIs. It lets you provide a mechanism for administrators to build logical views with secure access to sensitive data. Now everyone is seeing the same data and not different versions of it. This reduces the confusion by providing a clear set of Master Data Models and trusted data sets that are sanctioned to have the accurate data for their needs. It auto-generates APIs for the models on the fly so users can access the data through SOAP/REST or OData and be able to build dashboards and run analytics on the data. It also provides a clean queryable SQL interface, so users are not learning new languages or writing many lines of code. It finally brings a sense of calmness and sureness that is needed for true Agile BI development.

3. It’s swift … did we mention you access & federate your data in real-time?

EE BigDataNOW™ can be a valuable component on the ingestion side of the Big Data store too; it will federate, apply transformations and organize the data to be loaded into the Data Lake using its unique Agile ETL capabilities, making your overall Big Data experience responsive from end to end. EE BigDataNOW™ has a fully UI driven, data workflow engine that loads data into Hadoop whether its source is streaming data or stored data. It can federate real-time data with historical data on demand for better analysis.

4. Take the load off your developers

One of the major complexities that Big-Data developers run into is building and executing the Map-Reduce jobs as part of the data workflow. EE BigDataNOW™ can create and execute Map-Reduce jobs through its Agile ETL Data Workflow Nodes; this will help run Map-Reduce jobs and store results in a meaningful, easy way for end users to be able to access the Map-Reduce jobs.

5. EE BigDataNOW™ talks to your other non-Hadoop Big Data sources

EE BigDataNOW™ includes non-Hadoop sources such as Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift, SAP HANA, etc. EE BigDataNOW™ can also connect to these nontraditional Big Data sources, and populate or federate data from these sources for all your Big Data needs.

To read more about Big Data, don’t forget to check out Stone Bond’s Big Data page. What are you waiting for? Break through your Big Data barriers today!

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