Monday, June 21, 2010

B2B : Brain-to-Brain

My generation was not born with cell phones. While on vacation for a few days , I tried to disconnect from the digital world with only mild success. Not a good time to be reading Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives, by John Palfrey, if I didn't want to think about this stuff. When I was growing up, telephones were ultimately connected by oodles of wires all over the planet. We never even thought of wireless telephones.

We did, though, talk a lot about ESP (extra-sensory perception, for those of you too young to remember), and we debated about whether psychics were communicating, or whether they cheated. I wonder if ESP even seems ridiculous to a young person who has always known cell phones. You don't have to even be in the same room to hear what the other person is saying. No wires. I bet it's not such a stretch to believe that you could have direct brain-to-brain communications. After all, knowing what they know now, why not? Think about it - we wouldn't even need to talk, but just think about talking. Read just a little about all the new research on brain placticity, and you have to wonder if brain-to-brain communications is just a matter of practice.

Then you have to wonder what brain-to-brain (B2B) means in the integration space. We'll be transforming everything from Venus to Mars and back again.

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