Friday, September 14, 2018

#FBF Stone Bond Technologies Summer Internship

In honor of #FBF and school being back in full swing, we've asked some of our summer interns to share first-hand their perspective on Stone Bond Technologies internship program. 

My time at Stone Bond Technologies was invaluable to me. The most beneficial aspect of my internship was the opportunity to experience firsthand how a company operates on a daily basis. With three years of computer science under my belt, this internship has been more helpful than many of my classes in preparing me for a career. I began the summer by working to update the software available in the Amazon Marketplace.  I had never done anything like this before, but with the help of my coworkers, I was able to figure it out. After this, I began getting familiar with the code behind the software. This prepared me for my final task of researching machine learning and trying to figure out how to improve it in the software. This was an exciting challenge because I had never worked with machine learning in school. I am incredibly grateful for the real world experience and opportunity to learn new areas of computer science that I could not have received in school.
– Chance Morris, Student at University of Houston 

Interning at Stonebond Technologies is what most dream of a warm, supportive and open environment that not only works to highlight your skills but encourages the development of new ones. My experience interning at this company was truly unique. I got to work directly with the software and was always pushed to try harder and do better. They set high goals, and even if they were not met, the employees at Stone Bond Technologies made sure you landed amongst the stars. Every day was an opportunity to learn, with every question (of which there were many) was answered promptly and thoroughly.

I truly loved being able to work on multiple areas such as AI, data virtualization, and quality assurance. I was able to gain experience in SQL, Postman, TFS, and so much more. Working here is a reminder that good work is genuinely about consistency and the willingness to learn and improve oneself. The skills that I learned, both technology wise and corporate wise, are indispensable and for that I am grateful. Stone Bond Technologies is a small company with a true soul that cares about its employees and its customer's best interests.
– Gabriela Marin, Student at University of Houston 

Go Coogs! Wishing all students all the best this year!! – SBT Team

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